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Presentations that matter

Get your message across to international audiences.

„The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Know WHAT your message is, WHY it is important, WHERE you’re going with it, and HOW best to get there!“ Hermine Hilton

Preparing and giving a speech might seem a daunting task especially to an international audience. It is however something that one can prepare for. Convey your message with clarity and conviction whilst becoming comfortable with your own individual presentation style. Learn presentation skills techniques including advanced techniques on how to structure and deliver a presentation. This seminar will guide you through the structure of a presentation and provide you with tips and tricks to confidently deliver presentations in front of multicultural audiences. You will get practical hands-on advice on preparation and handling visual aids as well as tips on how to captivate and entertain your audience. The seminar will also cover the dos and don’ts of presenting in front of culturally diverse groups and help you to present confidently and eloquently in English. Practice and receive feedback on how to create your most compelling presentation yet.

In this seminar you will learn how to


  • set the scene and understand audience expectations
  • develop your own presentation style
  • use advanced techniques for creating a solid structure based on the core message
  • polish your delivery style
  • develop a strong call to action
  • channel nervousness
  • use words effectively for e.g. analogies, metaphors & stories
  • handle Q&A including challenging sessions with confidence
  • present in front of diverse groups

Your gains


  • Identify your core message and intended outcome
  • Organise information logically
  • Know how to create attention grabbing openers and impactful closers
  • Voice optimisation techniques
  • Appreciate the role of body-language in presentations
  • Know how to engage and sustain the interest of participants
  • Use visual aids and props effectively
  • Rehearse like a pro
  • Advanced techniques used by professional speakers

Intended Audience

Managers and experts who work in an international, English speaking environment and have to persuade, motivate, inform or drive change.


Entry Number: 4-12 participants

Organizational matters:

Place: Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

Date: on request

Costs:  850,00 € (zzgl. MwSt., inkl. Tagungsverpflegung)

Deadline: tbd.


Short presentations, individual, partner and group exercises, feedback


The participants can set their goals in a pre-course survey.

“The seminar concept is very well structured as well as very flexible to react to participant’s individual expectations and participations.”

“The seminar concept is very well structured as well as very flexible to react to participant’s individual expectations and participations.”


high practical relevance

small groups

expierenced experts

new methods

Tara Majumdar

was born in Calkutta in 1974. She is a trained software developer and an expert on international team work. She applies her knowledge of psychology and work experience in three continents helping company executives and project managers manage global teams better. She has been speaking internationally since 2006 and is the speaker-coach for TEDx Kingston Upon Thames. She is also a member of the Professional Speaker’s Association UK. She is married and has two sons.


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